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Regulation of land offering

- Land details want to sell
Land Offeror It is necessary to complete the basic information of the land such as location with a sheet showing the location of land, size of land, offering price, name and phone number to contact the seller.

- Land trading operations
Thanamol Group Development will set the conditions and time frame for the land purchase transaction. To achieve the objectives of the purchase of land, therefore, asking the land offeror to cooperate. And strictly follow the procedures

- Land availability
The seller must not give false information or obscure facts about the land that you offer for sale

Steps for conducting land trading

- Submit complete land information in the form on the website.
- The company checks the land purchase documents if complete and the company is interested to contact the seller back.
- Land offerors take to explore the area to check the requirements by law.
- Land valuation companies
- In case the company is interested and wishes to inquire about details, the company will request an appointment to meet the landowner. To negotiate land transaction details

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