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Thanamol provide full funcional facility which are the international standard ,with high specification in the selected strategic location for logistics and distribution. TMG Warehouse’s advantageous benefits such as, full security protection, utilities, community and prime location.

What We Provide

Our warehouses are strategically located by keeping in mind what is important to our Clients such as; proximity to Logistic hubs, easy access, connectivity to major infrastructure such as Roads, Industrial Area, Vantage points to connect rest of the Country, Port, Airport and last but not the least Flood Free Zones. We focus on offering Customer Centric Solutions of high-class warehouses with supporting Technical & Social Infrastructure meeting International Standards.

Our Existing Centers are located across  strategic locations:

Northern Corridor
Bangpa-in , Wangnoi , Nongkae

Eastern Corridor
Bang-Na , Chonburi

                                                                                        Western Corridor                                                                                                                                                                      Rama 2 , Mahachai                                                                                     

We offer the best solutions from a variety of high standard quality warehouse on both Ready-Build warehouse and Build-to-Suit warehouse that best fit for clients business solutions

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Ready-Built warehouse

Ready-Built warehouse is a reasonable price and suitable for businesses that want to expand market reach at a lower cost. The Key Benefit for the Ready-build would be

  • Efficient layouts for effective utilization
  • Built to International Standards for Logistics and Distribution usage
  • Top of the line Support & Social infrastructure with maintenance support
  • Save time for setting up the new facilities
  • Avoid the risk of uncertainty of the Stock & Business
  • Lower Initial Investment

Build-to-Suit warehouse

Build-to-Suit warehouse is best for business which has their own specific requirements which can be design the building to maximize the business operation efficiency Including business expansion Plan. Base on our expertise, we can assist customer from the design stage base on clients requirement and working flow until finish Construction.

  • Designed and Built to clients requirements
  • Design can cater to future scalability and flexibility tailored to clients requirements
  • Meeting business specific needs such as; Layout, Floor Loading, Power, Ventilation, Safety & Security, Docking, etc.

Warehouse Specification

Floor Load

3 - 5 TON

Floor Load
Higher Floor Load would beneficial for Maximize the storage capacity & best value per sqm.
Faster Operation

Clear Height

15 - 18 M.

Clear Height
More Stories of Racking can be used to maximize storage capacity
Faster Operation

Wider Span

15 - 18 M.

Better Operation & Manage Storage Area Dock Leveller
Both Machanic & Hydrolic Dock leveller is provided



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  • Water storage more than 1 M. Liters to supply


  • Provincial Electricity Authority
  • No Electricity Surplus charge


  • Round the clock security for the logistic park CCTV Surveillance system


  • Specialists in charge
  • Maintenance Team Monitor
  • Reasonable price


  • Fire Protection System provide for the public area
  • Fire Sprinkler, Fire Hose Reel & Fire Alarm are provided as per regulation
  • Full fire extinguisher based on international standard.
  • Water Tank and System can be support for more than Regulation Required

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