Thanamol provide full funcional facility which are the international standard ,with high specification in the selected strategic location for logistics and distribution. TMG Warehouse’s advantageous benefits such as, full security protection, utilities, community and prime location.

We recognize the importance of operating a sustainable business.This can be reflected in a valuable experience with all groups of stakeholders . We emphasizing resources effectively, so we need to learn how to efficiently use material along the supply chain by achieving sustainable management. Increasing substantially energy efficiency. Besides, the Group promotes the use of solar power which is clean alternative energy through Charlie Asset Management Co., Ltd. The solar energy promotion plan includes expansion and investment in the installation of a solar rooftop power generator system to the factories in the industrial estates. Focusing on People, Effective business operations must be connected to the community. Social values and people around it, caring for employees, customers and communities to have a good environment have balanced health and well-being  As well as, commitment to continuous business development and we emphasizing on risk and business continuity management under the principles of good governance, ethical business and code of conduct to be able to adjust according to the changing situation

Regarding future strategy, the Group will continue to strive to deliver sustainable value by adhering to the principles of balanced business practice, both in the areas of continuous product and service development under the responsibility of the environment and society.

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