1. What do we need to move in to your premise?

Practically, nothing in specific. Normally, TMG will provide the basic utilities and infrastructure needed for the start up of the business including office. Unless there is any special requirement of your business in particular, we would recommend you to raise the issue up during the premise survey so that we can finish the modification before the move in.

2. Who are your customers?

Our customer varies from local Thai companies, Thai/foreign joint venture companies to purely multinational companies. They come from varieties of industries ranging from food, automotive, shoes, consumer products, etc.

3. How large are your factories/warehouses/distribution centers?

Our space utility usage can start from the minimum of 1,000 up to 20,000 sq.m. However, should different space usage is required, we also have other flexible offer upon request.

4. Can your standard units be modified to fit our needs?

Definately, we can modified the ready-made premises to fit your specific needs.


1. How much are you charging for the rent?

The space utility usage, the location and the many other factors all determine the rental charge. However, TMG is always willing to negotiate a very flexible rent to fit all budgets.

2. Is the rental charge fixed or it’s negotiable?? And is there any further discount?

The rental charge is considered to be most valuable in terms of space utility, location, infrastructures provided and the functionality. However, if you think that the rate charge is not reasonable enough, we can always come into negotiation. Further discount is to be grant or not depends on the lease term, the requirement and other factors that contribute to the overall agreement.

3. Is there any other cost on top of the rental charge?

Under the lease agreement with TMG, all the other costs including land and property tax, insurance premium, maintenance charge, security charge, power supply deposit, other utilities connection charge and public utility charges can be negotiable under terms.

4. If we would like to possess the premise, do you consider selling? If so, what would be the selling price?

Since the start of the construction, TMG always consider and offer an option-to-buy the property. However, the price should be discussed. The final price will depends on many criterias including the structure of the building, the space utility, the floor loading strength, the depreciation (if any), and the land cost. Thus, there is no fixed formula for each property.


1. How fast can we move in to the premise and start the operation?

Normally, if you would like to take the standard premise, you can move into the property right away. But TMG cannot determine how fast you start the operation. It’s much depends on the complication of the production process or the preparation needed for your business. For example, if you are a manufacturing company, you might need to work out the production flow, install the machinery and etc. But if you merely use the premise as a distribution center, you may only need to install the racking. For the customized premises, we may have to consider your requirements as calculate the modification time.

2. If we would like a new unit with our own specification, how long will it take to finish the construction?

It’s usually the choice that we would recommend the customer to visit our existing properties first to see if the unit fits your requirements. However, if the specification and the interior design do not match the need for space usage or the operation, TMG is very welcome to undertake the construction according to your specification. We estimate that we should be able to complete the job within 5 months or less depending on the complexity of the requirement.

3. If we would like to reserve the premise, what are the steps involve?

For the rent of the ready-made or standard properties, it’s as simple as discussing and signing the contract. Upon the contract signing, some amount of deposits should be made to guarantee the intention to lease the premise. However, for the tailor made properties, TMG normally requires an MOU, Memorandum of Understanding, and some amount of deposits depending on the complication and the quantity of the work to be completed before proceeding further construction. All the terms and deals can be negotiated through time.


1. Is there a minimum lease period? And what is the average lease term?

Thinking in term of economy of scale, it does not seem to worth to lease a certain premise for a short period of time. TMG’s customers usually have a minimum lease period of 1 year. But the average length of the lease term is around 3-5 years. However, as we are very well-known for being flexible, it’s always possible to negotiate a shorter lease with an option to renew the contract when it becomes expired. Thus, it will facilitate the tenants in the decision making process.

2. Can we lease only a part of the properties?

Of course, we can subdivide the properties into small units as per your space utilization requirement. However, the matter should be discuss so that we can tailor to best fit your needs.

3. What are the options given in the contract?

With the standard lease agreement, the tenant will be given the first priority to renew the contract before it becomes expire. And under certain condition, the customer will be given an exception to surrender the lease contract prior to the prespecified date if necessary. Or if there is a need for space utility extention, the tenant will also have the right to revise the contract or add on such clause to the contract attachment hereto. In addition to the above mentioned options, TMG also offers an option to buy the premise at the agreed upon price.

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