Project Size : 126,000 M²
Total Rental Area : 59,000 M²
Building Sizes : 1,000 – 16,000 M²
Expansion Area : 10,000-20,000 M²
GPS : 14.164747, 100.617803


At over 960,000 SF (89,000 SQM), this state-of-the-art facility was designed to be sustainable, earning an “A” assessment from Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency (CASBEE). Sustainable design features include seismic isolation technology to keep the facility stable during catastrophic events, an earthquake alert system to give occupants time to take cover and an emergency power generator to help keep operations running during emergencies. A photovoltaic (PV) system produces clean electricity using solar cells. Two one-way spiral vehicle ramps eliminate time and energy involved in moving goods by elevator. An onsite convenience store and restaurant add convenience and improve quality of life for customers and visitors.

Master plan

  • Project Size

    126,000 M²

  • Total Rental Area

    59,000 M²

  • Building Sizes

    1,000 – 16,000 M²

  • Expansion Area

    10,000-20,000 M²

  • GPS

    14.164747, 100.617803

Project Highlight

Very Prime Logistics Location (proximity to Bangkok)

Site Located next to the main junction to Western Ring Road / Eastern Ring Road and other all main roads leading to every region of Thailand.

Current location is only 10 Min. drive from Goodyear Factory at the edge of U-turn loop before Wangnoi district that would help in keeping logistics cost low & easy for the management to visit the site back and forth at short notice

Multiple Access to the Site (Accessibility)

In term of safety at emergency situation, the site can easily access and exit from multiple access which connected to multiple roads around the site.

Dual Access helps in reducing the transportation cost & Better traffic flow.

Flood Free Area

Our premise has been Free from flooding (Thailand big flood, year 2011) that would guarantee continuity of Business & Operation.

  • Motorway Bang-Pain-Korat

    4 KM.

  • Motorway BangNa-Chonburi(Eastern Outer Ring Rd.)

    4 KM.

  • Udon Ratthaya Expressway (Bang-Pain – PakKret)

    8 KM.

  • Kanchanapisek Rd.(Western Outer Ring Rd.)

    8 KM.

  • Bangpa-In Industrial Estate

    7 KM.

  • Hi-Tech Industrial Estate

    10 KM.

  • NavaNakorn Industrial Estate

    14 KM.

  • Rojana Industrial Park

    24 KM.

  • Don Muang Airport

    35 KM.

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport

    66 KM.


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